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Exporting Basics: Market Analysis & Planning

What are my market promotion options; how do I determine which are best for me?
Your promotion options abroad include press releases, paid ads, trade shows, sales trips, direct mail, and increasingly the Internet and E-mail. Most countries have adequate media and can support any of these methods. However, some may work better than others in particular markets. Costs could also affect your approach. Certain techniques clearly cost more, such as direct mail, trade shows and business travel. If these are your preferred techniques, they might best be done in conjunction with your overseas rep, possibly on a cost-sharing basis. Contact your local Pennsylvania Regional Export Network (REN) Partner via the "contact us" option on this website to gain access to international trade experts who are able to counsel you on what methods may be the best strategy for your target markets. Also see our lesson on Developing a Marketing Plan under the Export Tutorials section of this website.

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