About Us

Regional Export Network

The Regional Export Network (REN) is a Pennsylvania company’s first point of contact when starting to research export opportunities. There are REN Partners throughout Pennsylvania. Your regional partner is an international trade expert and will assist you with export counseling including market research, market entry strategy development, funding opportunities, and access to Pennsylvania-led trade events. For assistance contact your local Pennsylvania Regional Export Network (REN) Partner.

The World Trade Center of Greater Philadelphia

The World Trade Center of Greater Philadelphia, the official representative of the Pennsylvania Regional Export Network (REN) for Southeastern Pennsylvania, provides a world-class portfolio of international trade services and key global connections to help the region’s companies succeed in global markets, expanding the economic growth of the region as a whole. We provide one-on-one trade counseling, market research, global trade missions, educational programs, and peer group business to business networking.

Helpful Resources

Having difficulty finding the information you need?  Seeking more specific information on your product or service?  Check out our list of helpful resources to browse a list of websites which provide extensive information on wide variety of topics related to international business.