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Exporting Basics: Accessing Foreign Markets

What import duties and taxes might apply to my products in specific countries?

Import duties and taxes provide revenue as well as a means of protecting the nation's industry and ensuring a level playing field against foreign industry. Duty is normally due when goods are entered across a country's border. The duty and tax amount may be based on:

Commodity value
Trade agreements
Country of manufacture
Use of the article
Commodity HS number

To find the current official duty and tax rates for your products in a specific country, the best source is the country's Customs authority. Tariff and tax information is also available from several Web sources. For duties and taxes on specific products, you will need to identify the appropriate HS Code for your exports. You should then contact your freight forwarder and/or your local Pennsylvania Regional Export Network (REN) Partner who will be able to research exact duties.

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