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Exporting Basics: U.S. Export Regulations

What are “Denied Persons” and “Denied Entities”, and how do I know who they are?

“Denied Persons” and “Denied Entities” are specific persons or organizations that have been denied export privileges by the U.S. Government in whole or in part. Export Administration Regulations (EAR) provides a list of denied persons and entities and a detailed description on the possible export privileges denied. It is advisable to determine whether your transferee, ultimate end-user, any intermediate consignee, or any other party to a transaction, is a person denied export privileges. It is a violation of the EAR to engage in any activity that violates the terms or conditions of a denial order (General Prohibition Four (Denial Orders) (_736.2(b)(4) of the EAR).

The full text of each order denying export privileges is published in the Federal Register as cited in the column entitled, "Federal Register Citation". If you have questions about the scope of a particular denial order, you may contact the Office of Export Enforcement, Telephone(202) 482 1208, Fax (202) 482-5889.

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