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Exporting Basics: U.S. Export Regulations

When does a shipment require an export license? How do I get a license?
The U.S. and many other countries require an export license—written permission to export particular goods—for some or all shipments. Most U.S. exports do not need an export license and can be cleared by entering "NLR" (no license required) on the Shipper's Export Declaration. Licenses are generally required for goods that might affect national security or U.S. foreign policy, such as weapons, chemicals, high-technology equipment, avionics, related documentation, etc. The Department of Commerce's Bureau of Industry & Security (BIS) administers export licenses and regulations. You may ask BXA for advice on whether a license is required, or is likely to be granted for a particular end-use, end-user, and/or destination. This type of request, along with requests for guidance regarding other interpretations of the Export Administration Regulations (EAR), are commonly referred to as "Advisory Opinions". Contact your local Pennsylvania Regional Export Network (REN) Partner for additional assistance in this process.

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