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Will my product or service have to be adapted for international markets?

The factors that will determine whether you need to modify your product or service for your target markets are: government regulations, non-governmental standards, geography and climate, cultural sensitivity, and servicing requirements. It is possible that your product will not need any alteration; however, it is more likely that at minimum, new labeling will be required for entry into a global market. Also, on many occasions, significant product modification is required in order to meet the needs of consumers in developing countries. The degree of product or service adaptation varies greatly depending on the market and product/service being sold.

Your local Pennsylvania Regional Export Network (REN) Partner has all the tools necessary to help you determine not only your product's fit, but what alterations may need to be made. Their services are at low or no cost to export ready Pennsylvania companies. Also, be sure to view the Preparing Your Product for Export lesson under the Export Tutorials section of this website.

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