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Basics by Free Trade Agreement: Morocco

What Documentation is Required?

Certificate of Origin:

No certificate of origin is required. The FTA provides that whenever an importer makes a claim for preferential tariff treatment for a good, that:

The importer has certified that the good qualifies for preferential tariff treatment.

The customs authorities may request the importer to provide a signed declaration with additional supporting information.

Moroccan customs should request a declaration only when:

1. It has reason to question the accuracy of a deemed certification; or

2. Its risk assessment procedures indicate that verification of an entry is appropriate; or

3. It conducts a random verification. The importer must retain the information necessary to prepare the declaration for five years from the date of importation of the good.

Shipper’s Export Declaration (SED):

As is the case with exports to other countries, the US government requires submission of a SED, if the value of the shipment is greater than $2,500. Exporters can use the free internet-based system to file (

Commercial Invoice:

Exporters should be aware that commercial invoices for all shipments from the United States must bear a notarized affidavit: I, (name, title, and name of company), hereby swear that the prices stated in this invoice are the current export market prices for the merchandise described, that the products being shipped are of US origin, and that they have been manufactured in the United States. I accept full responsibility for any inaccuracies therein. (Signature) [If the products being shipped contain any foreign components, the country of origin and percentage of foreign content in the goods must be indicated on the invoice.]

Other Documentation:

For shipments to Morocco, exporters are required to provide, in original form, an airway bill and a packing list.

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