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Basics by Free Trade Agreement: Bahrain

In order to be eligible for preferential duty rates, is it necessary to fill out a certificate of origin?

The U.S.-Bahrain FTA calls for the importer to make a claim of preferential treatment. This Agreement does not require that the importer provide a declaration of origin or other documentation in support of a claim of preferential treatment unless requested by the customs authority. However, an importer claiming preferential treatment is considered to have certified that the good qualifies for preferential tariff treatment. Additionally, importers claiming a preference for a good must be prepared to submit, upon request by the customs authority, information supporting a claim for preferential treatment.

The importer may therefore ask the exporter for such supporting information. The exporter may give confirmation, in an un-prescribed format, of why the goods qualify as "originating," which the importer may use to validate its claim. It is advisable to work with your importer and provide your importer with a written statement of origin upon request.

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