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Exporting Basics: Market Analysis & Planning

Where can I find product/country research for market analysis?

Market Research Reports provide more detailed assessments of market potentials for your products in particularly promising countries. These reports are product-and country-specific market surveys that discuss overall demand trends; best sales prospects within the subsector; key end-user segments; major competitors; and relevant business conditions, practices and market barriers. They should also identify useful government and industry contacts, including importers and distributors. Contact your local Pennsylvania Regional Export Network (REN) Partner via the contact us option on this web site to discover what customized market reserach resources are available to you.

Country Commercial Guides (CCGs) are in-depth analyses of the business, economic and political situation in specific foreign countries and the implications for foreign traders and investors. CCGs (a product of the U.S. Department of Commerce) provide extensive detail on each country's commercial environment, best export sectors, trade regulations, investment incentives, finance techniques, upcoming trade events, marketing strategies, business travel tips, etc. CCGs also list important government and trade association contacts in each country.

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