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Basics by Free Trade Agreement: Bahrain

What duties and taxes are levied on the goods I export to Bahrain?

On the day that the U.S.-Bahrain FTA entered into force, 100 percent of consumer and industrial products became duty free. Under the FTA, Bahrain is required to open its services market wider than any previous FTA partner, streamline digital trade, protect intellectual property, facilitate government procurement, and provide for effective enforcement of labor and environmental laws.

There is a two-step process to finding out the duties your products will be charged: 1) obtain the appropriate Harmonized System number (HS number) for your product and 2) use the HS number to check the Bahrain tariff schedule to find out how and when Bahrain’s tariff on the product will be eliminated.

Each line item of the Bahrain FTA tariff schedule is assigned a letter code that indicates the staging by which the current tariff for each item is reduced and ultimately eliminated. The schedule also notes the base rate of customs duty, which is used to determine the starting point and interim rate at each stage of reduction for an item.

While Bahrain is essentially tax-free, some products, like gasoline, face indirect taxes.

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