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Basics by Free Trade Agreement: Bahrain

What education and training services are available?
The establishment of new private universities, which is supported by the Government of Bahrain in order to promote higher education, is a primary driver in the recent growth in the education sector. The Crown Prince and the Bahrain Defense Force Commander-in-Chief launched a national reform initiative in 2004 that is aimed at creating a new economic, labor, education and training vision for the Kingdom.  The Government of Bahrain is seeking to establish Bahrain as a regional center for human resource development. Bahrain has over 50 training institutes that offer training in a variety of areas such as hospitality, information technology, business studies, English language studies, and banking. The Ministry of Labor is actively encouraging international education and training organizations to set up bases in Bahrain. With a total investment of approximately $50 million, four new private universities have opened since late 2002.

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