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Exporting Basics: Market Analysis & Planning

Where can I find U.S. and foreign trade statistics for market analysis?

Official U.S. Export-Import Statistics are compiled by the U.S. Census Bureau and can be obtained on line for any exported or imported product up to the Schedule B 10-digit level. With these statistics, you can readily spot the largest and fastest growing export or source markets for products like yours. You can download individual tables to a spreadsheet for further massaging as you wish (e.g., growth rates, rank ordering, projections, etc.).

International Trade Statistics are compiled by the United Nations and are also available on line by 4-digit HS code or 5-digit SITC code.. Additional sources are specific Market Research Reports compiled by U.S. commercial staff abroad. Foreign trade statistics help you “size up” markets of interest, identify the major supplier countries, and compare U.S. and competitor market shares.

There are several private sector purveyors of trade data that may be accessible through your local Regional Export Network (REN) Partner. They are typically interested and willing to present you with custom tailored market intelligence reports on "best markets" and the quantification of trade flows for your product lines. Contact your REN Partner by using the contact us section of this website.

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