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Exporting Basics: Am I Ready to Export

How can I tell if I am export ready
The Export Readiness Assessment System (ERAS) is an interactive, diagnostic tool that can help you assess your export potential, see where you are strong or weak, and guide you on possible next steps (available to registered users from the home page). Your local Regional Export Network (REN) Partner may also request that you complete the ERAS as a fast, user-friendly tool to "qualify" new clients for export assistance. The customized ERAS assessment is based directly on the company's answers to 23 questions about its present operations, management philosophy, and products. The questions appear in sequence, with 3-5 possible answers easily "clicked" on the screen. Once all 23 questions are answered, ERAS provides immediate feedback in the form of an export readiness score, a detailed, point-by-point diagnosis of the company's export strengths and weaknesses in each of the 23 areas, and suggested steps to build on its strengths and overcome any weaknesses.

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