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Exporting Basics: Getting Started

Where can I get help with specific trade-related questions?
If you have not yet done so, create a user account on this site. This account will permit you to have access to extensive variety of Export Tutorials which present substantial amounts of information on exporting. Spend time reviewing these FAQs and take the Export Readiness Assessment. After all of this, you may still have a lingering question. If so, contact you local international trade experts through the Pennsylvania Regional Export Network (REN). Your REN Partner is available through the contact us tab on this website. The staff will respond by E-mail or phone. They will ask you questions about your company and your export readiness. The REN Partner will then make suggestions for your company to either become more export ready (through work with your local Small Business Development Center) or they will provide access to key resources that are at little or no cost and will help you to execute your international strategy.

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Need Help?

Can’t find the answer to your question? Identify the Pennsylvania County where your company is located to access the contact information for your local Regional Export Network Partner.