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Export Licenses: General Regulatory/Licensing FAQs

How do I obtain an “Advisory Opinion” on export licensing questions?

The Department of Commerce's Bureau of Industry & Security (BIS) will advise you whether a license is required or is likely to be granted for a particular end-use, end-user, and/or destination. Requests for such Advisory Opinions must be submitted in writing or electronically to BIS. Both your letter and envelope must be marked "Advisory Opinion". Your letter must contain the following information if you are requesting guidance regarding interpretations of the EAR:

• Contact name, title, telephone and fax numbers and complete mailing address;
• Whether you seek advice on policy for a particular transaction or on the need for a license itself;
• Information on the parties to the transaction and the proposed end-use or end-user;
• The model number for each item, where appropriate;
• The Export Control Classification Number (ECCN), if known, for each item; and
• Any descriptive literature, brochures, technical specifications or papers that describe the items in sufficient technical detail to enable BBIS to verify the correct classification

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