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Where can I find an intermediary to handle my export business?

Export intermediaries can be found almost anywhere, particularly in port cities, but they may not be interested in working with you. Since they are doing the bulk of the up-front work, they tend to be selective in taking on clients. You should look for intermediaries particularly familiar with products in your industry, but you will also need to satisfy them that you are a worthy client. Here are several sources for locating interested and qualified intermediaries:

• FITA’s Directory of Export Management Companies includes intermediaries searchable by industry category and location.
• Your industry trade association -- Many trade groups have intermediaries as active members, or your association may know of intermediaries experienced in exporting similar products.
• Trade publications -- Publications in your industry, especially the marketing magazines, will know of intermediaries in your product field.
• Your local Pennsylvania Regional Export Network (REN) Partner is very familiar with these services in your region. Contact them using the contact us option on this website.

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