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Basics by Free Trade Agreement: Morocco

What Benefits Can U.S. Companies Expect?

Benefits include:

• Tariff elimination. Tariffs on 95 percent of two-way trade in industrial and consumer goods were eliminated on January 1, 2006, when this FTA entered into force.
• Services sector openings. Most U.S. service providers, including banks and insurance companies, are to be treated equally with Moroccan companies.
• Agricultural access. U.S. farmers and ranchers, including poultry farmers, cattle producers and wheat farmers, have increased access to Moroccan markets.
• Enhanced intellectual property rights protection. Morocco will provide U.S. copyright, patent, and trademark owners stronger protection and more effective enforcement of intellectual property rights.
• Transparency measures. The Moroccan government will publish its trade related laws and regulations concerning matters covered by the Agreement, as well as allow public comment to the extent possible.
• Customs cooperation. U.S. companies can expect faster customs processing for their goods.

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