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International Law: Locating International Law Assistance

What is the Export Legal Assistance Network (ELAN)?

A widely available and useful legal resource for new to export businesses is the Export Legal Assistance Network (ELAN). In this innovative program, established by the Federal Bar Association with assistance from the U.S. Department of Commerce and the U.S. Small Business Administration’s International Trade Program, lawyers from the Federal Bar Association volunteer to provide an initial legal consultation free of charge to companies just beginning to export. Under ELAN, knowledgeable lawyers help new to export companies learn the legal aspects of international trade. ELAN has regional coordinators throughout the United States, each with three or more attorneys on tap.

In addition to the ELAN, your local Pennsylvania Regional Export Network (REN) Partner will have a wide array of partner organizations that specialize in international law. Be sure to contact them using the contact us tab on this website and inquire about obtaining assistance with international legal considerations. Also see the International Legal Considerations lesson under the Export Tutorials section of this website.

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