Frequently Asked Questions

Foreign Market Intelligence

How do I locate trade leads, buyers or distributors for my exporting business?

Your local Pennsylvania Regional Export Network (REN) Partner is able to offer you the most robust state export promotion program in the country. Your dedicated REN Partner has access to dozens of Authorized Trade Representatives (ATRs) that are able to answer almost any country-specific question you may have and facilitate introductions to potential buyers or distributors in over 50 global markets. Contact your REN Partner via the contact us section of the website and be sure to look for trade missions on our Events Calendar.

One of the best ways to locate trade leads (especially if you are new to exporting or exploring a new market) is to attend a trade mission coordinated by your REN Partner, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's Department of Community and Economic Development or the U.S. Department of Commerce. The group nature of a trade mission provides the security and safety that anybody new to a country should have while allowing for the individualized attention necessary to gain the most from your time spent abroad. Regardless of the method you use to identify potential trading partners, it is essential that you make the investment necessary to visit the market in-person to meet and develop relationships with your partners.

Need Help?

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