Frequently Asked Questions

Foreign Market Intelligence

How can I find out about investment practices in a certain country?

Your local Regional Export Network (REN) Partner can direct you toward experts and other resource that will help you to lean about investment practices in most countries around the globe. In addition you may want to view the Country Commercial Guides (CCG) from the Department of Commerce (DOC). They examine each country's trade regulations and investment practices, and present a briefing on the commercial environment in various countries through economic, political, and market analyses. Most CCGs are available free of charge through the DOC’s Market Research Library.

Investment climate statements and other information on investment in foreign countries are often available on Embassy and Consulate websites. On one final note, your local Pennsylvania REN Partner is more than capable of providing you with custom research reports which will provide your company with thorough, customized research and answers to your specific questions. Contact your local REN Partner by using the contact us section of this website.

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